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2020 Survey: Help us understand the impact of the recession on app development with open source (and other timely topics)

Chris Grams
by Chris Grams
on May 28, 2020

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  • The 2020 version of our open source application development survey is open. 
  • If you develop applications using open source, we’d love your input.
  • The first 500 respondents get our 2020 “Pay the maintainers” edition t-shirt free!

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It’s become an annual tradition over here at Tidelift; ah, the glorious spring day when we unveil the questions we need your help answering in our annual survey of developers using open source to build applications.


In last year’s survey, we found out some fascinating things. Like the fact that the only place where proprietary software (barely) beats out open source is in the availability of reliable support and consulting. Or that the average developer spends more time maintaining, testing, and securing existing code than they do writing or improving code. Or that the number one thing standing in the way of developers using more open source is risk about how well it will be maintained.

If you didn’t get a chance to review last year’s final survey report, you can download it here.

This year, we can’t wait to get your answers to our latest questions, like these:

  • How is the recession impacting your organization’s use of open source for application development? Is it increasing or decreasing?
  • What percentage of your applications contain open source code? And exactly how much open source code do they have? 
  • Does your organization have policies that allow you to contribute to open source?

As always, when you complete the survey, you’ll be among the first to get the full results. Plus, as a thank you, we’ll send you our 2020 edition “Pay the maintainers” t-shirt free if you are one of the first 500 people to respond.

(Apology in advance that the t-shirt offer is only available to those in North America or Europe due to shipping complications and costs. But even if you live elsewhere, please take the survey, we'd love to hear your thoughts!)

take the survey