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$33.5M to improve open source software supply chain resilience with help from AEI HorizonX and Cisco Investments

Donald Fischer
by Donald Fischer
on September 13, 2022

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We’re excited to announce today that Tidelift has extended our Series C financing to $33.5 million with additional investments from AEI HorizonX, AE Industrial Partners' venture capital investment platform formed in partnership with The Boeing Company, and Cisco Investments. 

What does it mean for organizations like yours?

In the aftermath of Log4Shell and similarly jarring software supply chain attacks, open source software health and security have become a pressing priority for organizations and governments around the world.

Meanwhile, a robust conversation has emerged about how to improve open source security, including many competing recommendations for new security requirements, standards, and specifications. All this fresh energy and activity is tremendous, and long overdue. It’s shining a spotlight on issues that too many have taken for granted for too long.

But amid all this commotion, we can’t forget: someone has to do all of this new work, and we need to give them good reasons to do it! Behind every open source project, there are one or more open source maintainers—often uncompensated volunteers—responsible for keeping their projects secure and up to date.

We can improve the security standards for open source and improve the resilience of the open source software supply chain. But it will take a holistic approach that works for everyone, including the maintainers we all rely on.

We look forward to working together with our new investors AEI HorizonX and Cisco Investments to bring our unique approach of managing the open source software supply chain—and incentivizing the people who maintain it—to new customers across a variety of industries.

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