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Announcing integration of the Tidelift Subscription with the JFrog Artifactory repository manager

Matt Rollender
by Matt Rollender
on June 23, 2020

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Today at swampUP 2020, the JFrog online user conference, Tidelift announced integration between the Tidelift Subscription, a managed open source subscription, and JFrog Artifactory, the universal repository and core of the JFrog platform. The Tidelift and JFrog product teams collaborated closely on this work and Tidelift has become a JFrog Integrated Technology Partner.

Application development teams use Artifactory as the single source of truth for all packages, container images, and other assets as they move across the software development lifecycle or through the devops pipeline. With the combination of the Tidelift Subscription and JFrog Artifactory in place, development teams now can be confident that the open source components they are using in their applications “just work” and are being properly managed without having to leave their existing Artifactory workflow. 

The Tidelift Subscription allows teams to standardize on a trusted set of known-good, issue-free packages and versions across the entire organization—backed and managed by Tidelift and the open source maintainers who created them. The subscription gives development teams the security, licensing, and maintenance assurances they expect of any commercial software—but for the open source frameworks and libraries they commonly use. This means comprehensive security updates and coordinated responses to zero-day vulnerabilities, verified-accurate open source licenses, indemnification, and actively maintained open source components.

“We are excited about our partnership with Tidelift and what that means for our customers,” said Casey O’Mara, Head of WW Business Development, at JFrog. “By bringing a managed open source solution into their development workflow, customers can save time by gaining proactive fixes to critical open source components and active remediation of issues when they occur. The result is faster application development, less time spent managing security issues and build fails, and overall better software integrity.”

The Tidelift product team will continue to work closely with JFrog to enhance the value of our integrated solution for enterprise customers building applications with open source. 

For more about how your application development team can save time and reduce risk when using open source, learn about the Tidelift Subscription or talk to one of our experts.

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