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Long live the SFD

This is a first draft; raw and unedited. You’re seeing it as it came out of my head. Conversational, informal but free.  This is a shitty first ...
Benjamin Nickolls
by Benjamin Nickolls
on May 31, 2018

Benjamin Nickolls

Benjamin Nickolls

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Sloan and Ford Foundations are requesting proposals for projects to support our digital infrastructure

By Benjamin Nickolls on May 8, 2018
The Ford Foundation and the Alfred P Sloan Foundation just opened a request for proposals for their new ‘digital infrastructure’ programme. If you’d ...

Open source: who's paying the bills?

By Benjamin Nickolls on January 25, 2018
Open source software isn’t free—someone else paid for it.

Three ways to improve the sustainability of open source projects

By Benjamin Nickolls on January 9, 2018
Open source software has been astoundingly successful. Today, it is the basis upon which much of our technology is built, technology that keeps us ...