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GitLab Commit attendees: Get your free ‘pay the maintainers’ t-shirt

Jerika Phelps
by Jerika Phelps
on January 13, 2020

Don't miss the latest from Tidelift

Tidelift is sponsoring GitLab Commit in San Francisco on Tuesday, January 14. This is the first GitLab Commit in the Bay Area and we’re excited to be a part of it. We’re looking forward to discussing how a managed open source subscription can help GitLab users save time spent wrangling open source dependencies so they can spend more time writing original code. 

Tidelift will be sponsoring the coffee breaks throughout the day. When you stop by for tea or coffee make sure you check out the QR code on your cup. Take a picture of the code with your camera, fill in your shipping address when the page pops up, and we’ll send you a ‘pay the maintainers’ t-shirt for free! 

If you’re an open source maintainer and would like to get paid for your work, you can see if your project might already have income available! (Check that now if you want! Search here.)

And if you develop applications using open source components, we want to help you make sure the software you’re using is dependable and well maintained. How do we do that? Watch this short video where Tidelift co-founder and CEO Donald Fischer explains the Tidelift approach to managed open source. 😊 You can also reach out to us and schedule a demo, or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

So if you’re in San Francisco at GitLab Commit, make sure you swing by the coffee break!


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