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Survey: help us make developing applications with open source better

Havoc Pennington
by Havoc Pennington
on November 14, 2018

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We do a lot of user research at Tidelift—connecting with open source maintainers and users alike. Over the past few months we’ve talked to professional application developers every day, some as sales prospects, others just to see how they think about and use open source.

We’ve talked about the numerous reasons why developers use open source software and what they use it for. We’ve talked about what worries them when it comes to relying on open source components. We’ve talked about the pain of things like technical debt, code maintenance, selecting open source packages, updating dependencies, and more.

Our mission at Tidelift is to make open source work better for everyone. The more we understand about how people are using open source today, the closer we can come to bringing that mission to life.

Even though we're talking to hundreds of people, qualitative conversations can only go so far—we'd also like to get a sense of numbers across a wide audience. If you're a developer, architect, or engineering leader building applications with open source components, we'd love to hear from you on this short survey. Help us build the product you want to have!

Take the Survey

In return, we promise two things: First, we’ll share the results here on our blog so you can learn the same things we learn. We’ll also donate $1 for each completed survey we receive to Outreachy, an internship program that supports diversity in free and open source software.  

Thanks in advance for your help!

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