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Hot off the press: Cooking with Tidelift and JFrog webinar recap

Amy Hays
by Amy Hays
on March 9, 2021

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small-fridgeRecently, we wrote a children’s book about enterprise open source software management with our pals at JFrog. Yes, we just used the phrases “children’s book” and “enterprise open source software” in the same sentence.

We wanted to distill the idea of managing open source down to something so simple, you could explain it to a child, so that’s why we created the book (download it here).

jfrog-tidelift-frog copyFor our recent joint webinar with JFrog, we asked professional voice actor Linnea Mohn to do an interpretive reading of the book.

Honestly, this was probably the weirdest webinar we’ve ever done, and we had a great time.

donaldsdoughnuts copy-1After Linnea’s reading, JFrog senior product manager Mark Galpin and Tidelift co-founder Havoc Pennington brought the story Cooking with Tidelift and JFrog to life through a demo of how the Tidelift Subscription integrates in your JFrog Artifactory workflow. They demonstrated how your organization can accelerate application development and reduce risk by creating catalogs of known-good, issue-free open source components.

You can watch the webinar—including Linnea’s reading of Cooking with JFrog and Tidelift— on-demand by filling out the form below: