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Video: How does Tidelift make open source work better?

Lauren Hanford
by Lauren Hanford
on December 20, 2018

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Over the past six months, I’ve had many conversations about what we are working on here at Tidelift with open source maintainers and the development teams who use their creations.

As a designer by training, I’ve been wanting to create one image to share with people that adequately captures how the Tidelift Subscription makes open source work better for both maintainers and professional development teams. A picture being worth a thousand words and all that. Turns out, the power of a maintainer collective and the problems development teams face need… a lot more words.

So we went ahead and created this short piece that explains pretty much the whole Tidelift story in a hot minute and a half (and yes, that is me in the voiceover!).

Take a look!

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