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Intro to managed open source p. 5: create the future together

Jeff Stern
by Jeff Stern
on December 18, 2019

Updated on December 19, 2019

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In this six-part series, I’m highlighting each of the key features of the Tidelift Subscription. Today we will look at a fifth key benefit of the Tidelift Subscription: roadmap input. Check out part one, part two, part three, and part four Iof the series. And if you’d like to start with a more complete view of how the Tidelift Subscription works, take a tour here

Our network of maintainers crave input from our subscribers, especially since subscribers are paying them for their work. With the Tidelift Subscription, you cut through the clutter of filing issues, bringing your input directly to the maintainer's doorstep. 

Just start your 14-day free trial (or sign in if you already started one), and you can communicate directly with project maintainers to provide roadmap input on a package you use. Just click the Talk To The Maintainers button on each package you want to provide feedback on.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 5.00.59 PM-1

When you talk to the maintainers with Tidelift, you can request features, file bug reports, or even ask questions about the project, and we’ll take on the legwork of getting a response from the upstream maintainers.

Without Tidelift, your requests have to compete against hundreds of other issues that are filed for any given project. You may even work at a company that discourages this practice to protect intellectual property. Talking with the maintainers is a more private, alternative channel that typically receives a faster response than filing a public issue.

And while our partnered maintainers retain complete creative control over their project, maintainers seek feedback from Tidelift subscribers because the more subscribers use their package, the more they get paid. Do you have a bug or enhancement you would like to see made to a package you depend on? Share your roadmap input, and we will get you a response from the project owner.


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