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Last call for Upstream talks! 🌱

Amy Hays
by Amy Hays
on April 11, 2022

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Upstream is less than 2 months away, and we are so excited to celebrate open source again with the developers who use it and the maintainers who create it. Join us on June 7, 2022. Upstream is a 100% virtual and completely free event.

This year, keynote speakers include Aeva Black of the Azure Office at Microsoft, Deb Bryant of Red Hat, and John Mark Walker of Fannie Mae. Attendees will once again have the opportunity to meet maintainers behind the open source tools they use every day and learn from industry legends developing applications with open source at scale.

We’ve been filling out the agenda and wow, do we have some great talk ideas to consider! Our call for papers ends April 15, so please submit your talk ASAP so we can hear from you.

A theme we are exploring this year: When it comes to making open source work better for everyone, what do we owe each other? Please share your thoughts by submitting a talk idea before Friday, April 15. 

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