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Need help explaining Tidelift to your colleagues?

Amy Hays
by Amy Hays
on May 16, 2019

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We’ve talked to a lot of awesome software developers at a bunch of events over the past few months. Every developer we’ve spoken to about Tidelift and what we’re doing has an “a-ha!” moment. Their eyes light up. They get it. They understand how much of a difference it would make to have a managed open source subscription to help keep on top of their open source dependencies.

The “I get it!” is usually followed by, “But how could I convince the rest of the team to buy in?”

This led to an “a-ha!” moment of our own: What if we helped you convince your team?

Enter our new convince your team kit. Included in this kit is a presentation explaining what a managed open source subscription is and why you should consider it, a one-pager for the TL;DR: crowd, and a supremely handy ROI calculator.

You can download the kit here.

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