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The Tidelift Subscription application and free trial are now available via the GitHub Marketplace

Matt Rollender
by Matt Rollender
on January 30, 2020

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The GitHub Marketplace is a great way for GitHub users to discover and purchase tools that extend and enhance their workflows. It is an easy place to find applications to use throughout your continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) processes.

Today, we are pleased to share that the Tidelift Subscription free trial is now available on the GitHub Marketplace. This free trial includes all the benefits of managed open source, including security updates, licensing verification, and maintenance.


The free trial enables you to see the benefits of managed open source for yourself for 14 days, directly within your GitHub workflow. The marketplace offer enables you to easily create your free account and experience what it feels like to have your open source dependencies managed for you. 

The Tidelift Subscription seamlessly integrates open source management with your GitHub repositories, allowing developers to smoothly manage security notifications and updates, licensing verification and indemnification, code maintenance and fixes/improvements, package selection and version guidance, and dependency analysis. The Tidelift GitHub application begins tracking your repositories and integrates directly with pull requests. 

If you host your organization's code on GitHub.com, you can install the native Tidelift GitHub application to integrate the Tidelift Subscription into your team's existing workflow. Using the Tidelift GitHub application provides several benefits:

  1. Repository tracking—You can control which repositories you want to track with the Tidelift Subscription by either granting permission to all repositories or select repositories. 
  2. Automatic policy enforcement—Tidelift will scan your master branch nightly and all new pull requests so that we can enforce your open source policy for you.
  3. User management—You can manage your team's user access to the Tidelift Subscription through GitHub. Team members simply need to log in to Tidelift with their existing GitHub account to view scan details and updates.

Note: We do not currently support installing the Tidelift GitHub application on personal user accounts.

Now with GitHub and Tidelift, you have all the capabilities you expect and require from commercial software seamlessly integrated into your repositories and workflows—for all of the key community-led open source software you depend on.

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