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Tidelift and Atlassian collaborate to help modern application development teams manage open source software components better

Matt Rollender
by Matt Rollender
on April 6, 2022

Updated on April 8, 2022

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Greetings from sunny Las Vegas, where Tidelift is attending the annual Team ’22 conference, Atlassian’s flagship conference. What makes this especially exciting is that today, Tidelift is demonstrating the initial results of our collaboration with Atlassian to integrate the Tidelift Subscription with Atlassian Compass. 

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Compass is a developer portal that provides a unified real-time representation of an engineering team’s output in one place, helping organizations track the things their engineering teams build. It also naturally compliments Jira, which tracks the effort of the engineering teams in building those components. Compass adds value at different levels of the organization, from developers to engineering managers running multiple teams, and is geared at modern engineering organizations that have identified the difficulties of development sprawl and see opportunities to address operational health holistically.

Tidelift demonstrated our integration with Compass today by showing how we can surface our open source metadata in Atlassian’s platform.


Modern software development teams rely on open source components as the fundamental building blocks of their applications. We are excited to partner with Atlassian to extend team collaboration beyond the borders of your own organization: to the independent open source software maintainers behind the thousands of open source projects you depend on every day.

"And now with 90% of applications using open source, open source software supply chain health is really important," said Tiffany To, Head of Product for Agile and DevOps Solutions at Atlassian. "So you could use our partner Tidelift's integration. With the dependency health scorecard, this integration cross-checks the component's repo manifest against Tidelift's certified good packages list, so you can quickly see if there are any unapproved packages. Teams can continuously improve the health of their open source software chain, not just when they are ready to ship."

With Tidelift integrated into Atlassian Compass, teams can ensure their open source software supply chain is production-ready now and into the future, all within a convenient, unified developer experience platform.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this collaboration. 

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