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Tidelift at O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference

Jerika Phelps
by Jerika Phelps
on February 24, 2020

Don't miss the latest from Tidelift

Tidelift is heading to New York City! We’ll be sponsoring the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference on February 23-26. We’re looking forward to discussing how a managed open source subscription can help your development team save time and reduce risk when using open source.

If you’re in New York this week, keep your eyes peeled for the Tidelift booth. Come chat with us and we’ll show you how Tidelift works directly with upstream maintainers to to ensure the open source software you already use keeps getting better—and we’ll give you a pair of the best socks you’ll ever find at an event. 

Bonus! Tidelift’s own Keenan Szulik is giving a presentation on Wednesday about a subject he knows very well: ”How to gauge open source package health: Tools and practices for picking the best package.”

If making smart dependency choices interests you, check out our newly revamped guide, the Tidelift guide to choosing open source packages well.

There’s much to see and learn at O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference, so schedule some time with us now to learn more about the Tidelift Subscription in person. Book a meeting with us now for an on-site chat and we’ll send you one of our “Pay the Maintainers” t-shirts.

What we are up to and how you can learn more

Tidelift provides commercial support and maintenance for the open source dependencies you use to build your applications, backed by project maintainers, via the Tidelift Subscription. Save time and reduce risk when using open source.

  • If you are a software developer and are interested in getting enterprise-ready open source software, managed for you with help from the people who created it, learn more about the Tidelift Subscription.
  • Are you an open source maintainer? Take your project to the next level by partnering with Tidelift. Turn it into a commercial product and get paid for the value you create. Learn more about partnering with Tidelift

See you in New York!

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