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59% of maintainers have quit or considered quitting. Scary, huh? 👻

Tidelift at React Live

Jerika Phelps
by Jerika Phelps
on September 12, 2019

Tidelift is excited to be sponsoring React Live in Amsterdam Friday, Sept. 13. This is the first React event we’ve sponsored, and we’re so excited to be there because we are big fans of the React ecosystem. The Tidelift Subscription includes support for many React projects, like react-native-camera, reactstrap, and eslint-plugin-react.

While you’re there, keep your eyes peeled for the orange Tidelift socks. Check your swag bag for a postcard with a code for you to order your very own Pay the Maintainers t-shirt. You won’t have to worry about us running out of your size or how you are going to carry your shirt home! Just follow the link on the card, pick out your size, and ship to your home or office.

We're heading to as many events as we can this year with the goal of learning as much as we can from open source users and creators like you. Speaking to you at these events helps us shape Tidelift into the platform that makes open source work better—for everyone.

Not attending React Live next week? No worries! We’ll also be sponsoring the following events:

  • GitLab Commit, September 17, Brooklyn
  • DjangoCon, September 22-27, San Diego
  • PyGotham, October 4-5, New York City
  • DevOps Enterprise Summit, October 28-30, Las Vegas
  • QCON SF, November 11-13, San Francisco
  • GitHub Universe, November 13-14, San Francisco
  • RubyConf, November 18-20, Nashville
  • AWS re:invent, December 2-6, Las Vegas
  • Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit, December 3-5, Las Vegas
  • Open FinTech Forum, December 9, New York

If you’re an open source maintainer, see if your project might already be guaranteed for payout! Over 4,000 packages across the Javascript, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python ecosystems are eligible for income. (You can check that now if you want! Search here.)

If you’re an open source user, we want to make sure the software you’re using is dependable and well maintained. How do we do that? Watch this short video for a quick explanation. 😊 You can also reach out to us and schedule a demo.

So if you’re attending React Live tomorrow, look for the orange socks!