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Tidelift at Vue.js London

Kristina Kaldenbach
by Kristina Kaldenbach
on October 20, 2021

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Tidelift is headed to London...virtually! We are very excited to be sponsoring Vue.js London Oct. 20 and 21. We love Vue and have also sponsored two other Vue conferences: VueConf US and VueConf Toronto.

We work closely with the Vue ecosystem maintainers like Evan You, creator of Vue, and John Leider, creator of Vuetify. In fact, Evan and John were two of the very first Tidelift maintainer partners. John also joined us at Upstream, where he shared tips for “surviving open source”; you can watch his talk on demand. We also work closely with Vue-adjacent projects like Nuxt. This means you can use the Vue libraries you know and love, without having to worry about pesky things like security vulnerabilities or license compliance.

The Tidelift Subscription can help your organization move fast and stay safe when using Vue and Vue-related libraries, like Vuetify and Nuxt. If you’re not sure what that means exactly, please stop by our virtual booth and we’ll explain how the Tidelift Subscription can help your development team manage your open source application components even more effectively.

Bonus! We’re giving away a sweet Star Wars LEGO set, so don’t forget to sign up for that here.

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