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Tidelift featured in the AWS Startup Showcase keynote

Matt Rollender
by Matt Rollender
on February 24, 2022

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A few weeks ago, we participated in the AWS Startup Showcase, hosted by theCUBE, SiliconAngle’s streaming platform. The event featured innovative startups in the AWS partner ecosystem, and we were excited to be included. 

The event ended with the keynote session Enabling Business and Developer Success with our Partner Community where VP of Compute at AWS Deepak Singh discussed how AWS supports their customers via a robust partner network to help them build out their open source cloud platforms. 

Deepak shared innovations from AWS partners, including Tidelift.

With the Tidelift Subscription now available on AWS, it is easier than ever for AWS customers to efficiently manage the health and security of their open source software supply chain.

In his keynote, Deepak explained the program and the process of selecting the companies to partner with. AWS Partners are strategic experts and experienced builders that can help address a company’s specific business needs, via a “better together” business value proposition. They have created a network of trusted partners that have met a certain set of criteria that AWS has developed. 

“If you’re an independent open developer or a small team, you should probably get to know Tidelift,” Deepak said. “They provide you benefits and capabilities as a developer and maintainer that are pretty unique. If you’re part of the open source supply chain, I would recommend working with Tidelit because their goal is making all of you who are developing open source solutions more successful.” 

Deepak went on to discuss how challenging it can be to be a maintainer and how AWS wants to make sure that open source developers do not feel unsupported, which is why it is great to have Tidelift a part of the AWS Partner Network. 

You can watch the full keynote session here.

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