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Tidelift ❤️ Slack

Jeremy Katz
by Jeremy Katz
on January 7, 2021

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Here at Tidelift, we ❤️ Slack. As a remote first team, we have used Slack as our primary communication tool since the earliest conversations amongst the co-founders.

In addition to general conversation channels, social channels, team channels, and project work channels, we also have an internal practice of #stream- channels where we pipe the output of what’s going on with the various tools that we use. For example, we have a channel connected to GitHub to keep track of changes to our codebase, a channel connected to our project management tool, a channel connected to our CRM, and more. It allows anyone to glance in and get an idea of what is going on in a part of the company.

We are also strong believers that we want to be dogfooding and using our own product on a daily basis to help it be amazing. By using Tidelift every day to keep a catalog of our own approved open source software, we are able to improve workflows and find pain points to improve. 👍 It’s nice to have one place to review security vulnerabilities, review the license of new software we’re wanting to build with, etc. And best of all, we are also paying the maintainers of the software that we’re using to provide expert advice about the software that they wrote.

That’s why I’m excited today to share that Tidelift now has our own Slack integration. It’s a standard Slack app that you can easily install just like all the other Slack apps that you’re using within your organization.


This first release helps everyone in your organization get notified about the changes in your catalog of approved software.

  1. Notifications are sent to a Slack channel when tasks are created so they can be quickly and easily reviewed. This has been a significant improvement for us as it removes the need for our developers to ask to have something reviewed via DM or a project channel.
  2. Developers can be notified via a DM when their requests have been approved or denied so they can quickly move along with updating and merging a change. 

We have a number of other features planned for the integration but would love to hear your feedback on what you’d like to see! So Tidelift subscribers, install the app and check it out. If you aren’t currently using Tidelift to manage your open source, schedule and demo to set up a trial.

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