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We're hanging out at Devoxx France this week

Keenan Szulik
by Keenan Szulik
on April 16, 2019

Don't miss the latest from Tidelift

We are really excited to be spending this week in Paris at Devoxx France from April 17-19. This is the first major Java event we're sponsoring. Did you know the Tidelift Subscription already includes support for some awesome Java libraries like Byte BuddyProject Lombok, joda-time, or Apache Struts

If you're attending Devoxx France this year, please come say hi! We're in booth S19 and have some cool swag for you.

We’re focused on attending more events this year because we want to learn as much as we can about the problems and joys you experience as you create or use open source components. Your insight will help to mold Tidelift into a platform that makes open source work better—for everyone. Speaking to you at events throughout the year is a great opportunity to learn from your experiences.

If you are not in Paris this week, you can look for us at these upcoming events:

  • RailsConf, April 30-May 2 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • PyCon, May 3-5 in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Laracon, July 24-25 in New York, New York

If you’re an open source maintainer, we will be on hand to answer any questions and walk you through the small tasks that go into maintaining your project through Tidelift. We can also see if your project might already be guaranteed for payout! (You can check that now if you want! Search here.)

If you’re an open source user, we want to make sure the software you’re using is dependable and well maintained. How do we do that? Watch this short video for a quick explanation, or come see us at our booth for the longer version. 😊 You can also reach out to us and schedule a demo.

So if you’re in Paris this week, please come by and say hi.

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