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Announcing the Upstream podcast and the Upstream agenda 🎉

Caitlin Bixby
by Caitlin Bixby
on May 10, 2023

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Today we’re excited to announce the release of the first episode of the Upstream podcast. The Upstream podcast is a companion podcast to Upstream, the annual Tidelift event celebrating open source, the developers who use it and the maintainers who make it. Host Luis Villa, Tidelift co-founder and General Counsel, is joined by individuals from all corners of the open source universe, and together they’ll offer unique perspectives, concerns, and solutions on the state of open source as we know it (and predict it to be!).


In our first episode, The future of open: What we got wrong about crypto, what we might get right about AI, Luis Villa chats with Molly White of Web3 is Going Just Great and Stefano Maffuli of the Open Source Initiative (Deep Dive: AI) about the future of open source and beyond. 

Episodes are released weekly on Wednesdays, with a few new seasons each year. Catch the Upstream podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Google Podcasts, YouTube, RSS, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

In other Upstream news, we’ve officially finalized the Upstream agenda. ✅ We’re less than a month away from the annual virtual event—make sure to reserve your spot and follow the Upstream twitter for updates and livestream reactions day-of!

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