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Tidelift’s Donald Fischer and maintainer Jordan Harband discuss supply chain security

Last week, Tidelift CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer and open source maintainer Jordan Harband sat down with Software Engineering Radio to discuss ...
Caitlin Bixby
by Caitlin Bixby
on January 5, 2023

Last call: take the 2023 open source maintainer survey by Friday, Dec 9

By Lyn Muldrow on December 5, 2022
There’s only a few days left before we close the 2023 Tidelift open source maintainer survey on December 9th. If you are an open source maintainer ...

Take the 2023 open source maintainer survey!

By Lyn Muldrow on November 29, 2022
Do you actively maintain one or more open source projects? If so, we'd love to learn from you.   

Pay the maintainers: responsible maintainership (and incentive to continue)

By Bill Nottingham on November 17, 2022
At Tidelift, we are interested in helping our maintainers thrive. Sometimes that means paying them to maintain their work. Sometimes it means helping ...

A maintainer-verified approach to minimizing false positives

By Kanish Sharma on October 19, 2022
Software composition analysis (SCA) tools have long been a popular way to identify security and licensing issues with open source packages. While ...

Recap: Maintainer state of the union panel

By Caitlin Bixby on August 18, 2022
On June 7, 2022 Tidelift hosted an event called Upstream, a one-day celebration of open source, the developers who use it, and the maintainers who ...

Maintainer Andrew Kamal thrives on innovation

By Amy Hays on April 8, 2021
Meet Andrew Kamal, maintainer of decentralized-internet, an open source library he maintains across languages from JavaScript to Ruby. Andrew has ...

Hey maintainers, please take our (first-ever) Tidelift maintainer survey

By Amy Hays on February 25, 2021
We’ve launched our first, all-encompassing survey of open source maintainers! If you actively maintain one or more open source projects, we want to ...

How urllib3 maintainer Seth Larson streamlined the release process

By Amy Hays on August 18, 2020
Seth Larson has a history of adopting unmaintained open source libraries. It’s not that he seeks out orphaned packages—it’s usually because an ...

Ramda Adjunct is now part of the Tidelift Subscription

By Brenna Heaps on April 23, 2020
Ramda Adjunct is a popular and comprehensive set of functional utilities for use with Ramda, providing a variety of useful, well tested functions ...