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Level up your project into a commercial product with Tidelift

Blaine Bublitz
by Blaine Bublitz
on September 19, 2019

Updated on June 16, 2022

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Our mission at Tidelift is to make open source work better for users and creators alike. 

As an open source maintainer, when you partner with Tidelift, you’ll be working with us to provide the same kinds of maintenance and assurance guarantees for your project that enterprise customers have traditionally expected from commercial software. 

Now, with the Tidelift Subscription (and your participation), commercial users can purchase these guarantees for the open source projects they use. 

Partner with Tidelift to provide added value to enterprise subscribers

Most actively maintained projects already have good code quality, but enterprise customers are looking for additional features that maintainers shouldn’t be expected to provide for free. Tidelift helps curate a consistent universe of enterprise-ready open source packages—and maintainers get paid for working together with us to create it. 

Your work will fall into four categories that provide value to you and our enterprise customers:

Security updates

Enterprise users are risk averse, so knowing your packages comply with the Tidelift security requirements gives them added confidence when they are choosing packages. 

Licensing verification

Licensing compliance is a huge blocker for adopting open source packages in the enterprise world. Tidelift guides you to meet common compliance requirements, so commercial users are more likely to adopt your package.

Maintenance and code improvement

Our subscribers want to know the packages they depend on will be maintained into the future. We provide a set of tools to help you better plan the long-term maintenance of your project.

Marketing the Tidelift Subscription to your users

By making your project available as part of the Tidelift Subscription and telling all your users about it, you assure them that your project meets a higher maintenance standard. This encourages them to depend on your project and purchase the Tidelift Subscription to ensure it stays maintained into the future.

Learn more by checking out the video below and our new task details page

Ready to level up? 

If you’d like to join the thousands of projects already partnered with Tidelift, see if your package is eligible for income or contact us directly at lift@tidelift.com. We look forward to partnering with you!