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Luis Villa talks Tidelift with Randal and Jonathan on the FLOSS Weekly podcast

Chris Grams
by Chris Grams
on November 5, 2018

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Last week Tidelift co-founder Luis Villa spent Halloween with co-hosts Randal Schwartz and Jonathan Bennett of the long-running FLOSS Weekly podcast to explain more about what we are up to here at Tidelift… and why we are doing it. 

Luis’s words, from the podcast:

“What we keep hearing when we talk to developers is ‘I know so many people are making value out of my open source contributions, and it is hard for me to build a life out of it… so I do these other things that allow me to do open source on the weekends.’

The reason we founded the company is that we think it would be better for both big enterprises and the developers if the developers were able to say, ‘You know what, this is my job.’

That’s the emotional component that we hear every day, and we really hope we’ve built something here that can help fix that gap.”

Listen to the full episode:

And here is a short clip they put together of Luis giving the 30,000 foot version of Tidelift:


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