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The state of copyleft licensing

In my last post, I talked about how much (or little!) we know about the licenses in the 30+ package managers and 2+ million packages in, ...
Luis Villa
by Luis Villa
on February 1, 2018

Open source: who's paying the bills?

By Benjamin Nickolls on January 25, 2018
Open source software isn’t free—someone else paid for it.

The state of licensing information (or, how do we know what we know?)

By Luis Villa on January 18, 2018
As open source has grown, it has also gotten more granular. Modern apps often depend on hundreds or thousands of open source packages, not counting ...

Our second open data release has arrived

By Andrew Nesbitt on November 30, 2017
Today we’re publishing another open data release with over 311 million rows of metadata about open source projects and the network of ...