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Recap: October 13th Deep Dive: AI Society panel

Caitlin Bixby
by Caitlin Bixby
on November 10, 2022

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A few weeks ago, Tidelift co-founder and general counsel Luis Villa joined Kat Walsh, general counsel at Creative Commons, Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis, AI counsel at Hugging Face, and Kit Walsh, senior staff attorney and assistant director at Electronic Frontier Foundation, to discuss the potential (and current) impacts artificial intelligence (AI) can have on our society. 

The three highlighted topics of discussion, chosen by host Stefano Maffulli executive director at the Open Source Initiative, were:

  • Understanding the difference between AI and other tools that we’ve known before. 
  • How can society as a whole maintain control of AI systems and balance the powers of states and large corporations? 
  • And trying to understand the good outcomes for this collaboration on AI, and how we can get to a better AI and better AI systems, faster.

The conversation ranged from representation of AI in the media, how AI embodies biases, how to assign AI liability, current and possible forms of regulation, already existing problems similar to AI, and how the open source community can address these challenges.

You can listen to the whole panel discussion below:

We also recommend checking out Luis’ most recent blog post on the RAIL license family if you want to learn more about the licensing aspects of AI and machine learning. 

Want to learn even more about open source and AI? On Thursday, November 10th at 3:10 PST / 6:10 EST Luis will be continuing the discussion at the The Linux Foundation Member Summit 2022 at the aptly titled Are ML Models the New Open Source Projects? panel. Alongside Justin Colannio, assistant general counsel of open source & standards at Microsoft Corporation, Luis will be discussing machine learning and open source software licenses and collaboration practices, as well as other implications that ML and its growing communities have on the future of software development.

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