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Nuxt is the 4th fastest growing project on GitHub

Keenan Szulik
by Keenan Szulik
on October 25, 2018

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This month, GitHub released it its yearly report, the State of the Octoverse, detailing many unique insights about the state of the open source community across GitHub and around the world. One standout datapoint, however, was that Nuxt.js is the fourth fastest growing library on GitHub, ranking just behind Microsoft-supported Azure-Docs, Facebook-built PyTorch, and the game development platform Godot. Safe to say, Nuxt is the fastest growing application development library on GitHub.  We also have support for Nuxt available through the Tidelift Subscription, and it is backed by Sebastién Chopin, one of the creators and core maintainers!

So what exactly is Nuxt? For those uninitiated: Nuxt is a web development framework for creating Vue.js applications of various types, be it universal, single page, or static generated. It’s built using Vue, Babel, and Webpack to help minimize the bulk of your application, and it’s incredibly flexible.

Nuxt is a key part of building a Vue.js application, and many of its dependencies and related libraries are also supported by the Tidelift Subscription. So what exactly does this mean? Tidelift has partnered with the maintainers of those packages to help users guarantee that they are running properly licensed, secure, and well maintained code on the specific versions that the maintainers themselves say you should use.

Get support for Nuxt

It also means that you can get those same assurances around many of the open source libraries Nuxt depends on, like Babel and Vue. We keep up with maintenance, security, and licensing issues so you can focus on building awesome apps.

So if you are one of the many who’ve discovered Nuxt this year and you’re interested in getting professional assurances backed by one of the core maintainers of Nuxt, you might want to talk to us here at Tidelift.

We can connect you with an open source expert who will help assess if the Tidelift Subscription makes sense for your development team, and the majority of your subscription dollars go to support the open source creators like Sebastien who make it all possible.

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