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Our 2018 professional open source survey report is now available

Keenan Szulik
by Keenan Szulik
on July 17, 2018

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Earlier this year, we launched our first professional open source survey. Our goal? To gain deeper perspective about what can be done to make open source—especially as it is used in professional settings—work better for everyone.

download the full survey report

We wanted to better understand what professional users of open source look like and what matters to them. And we wanted to understand the needs, problems, and passions of those who create and maintain the software they use.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been reviewing the data to find the answers to questions like: What do professional users of open source care about most? How much would professional users be willing to pay for supported open source? What work would maintainers do if they were paid to maintain their software?

We’re pleased to announce that, today, we’re releasing the final report, highlighting 9 key insights that stood out for us. 

How to make open source better for everyone