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Joint Tidelift / JFrog webinar on-demand: Best practices for managing open source artifacts

Does this xkcd comic ring true for you?
Amy Hays
by Amy Hays
on October 22, 2020

Are you struggling to manage your open source artifacts? Tidelift and JFrog can help.

By Donald Fischer on September 24, 2020
Over the past few years, we’ve talked to thousands of organizations using open source as part of their application development process. In fact, our ...

Announcing integration of the Tidelift Subscription with the JFrog Artifactory repository manager

By Matt Rollender on June 23, 2020
Today at swampUP 2020, the JFrog online user conference, Tidelift announced integration between the Tidelift Subscription, a managed open source ...

Tidelift at JFrog SwampUp

By Jerika Phelps on June 9, 2020
Tidelift is sponsoring JFrog SwampUp Online, which is taking place June 23-24 for the Americas and June 30 - July 1 for Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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