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Tidelift customers help empower NumPy and the Python scientific community

Josh Simmons
by Josh Simmons
on December 6, 2022

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Last week, our maintainer partners at NumPy announced the launch of the NumPy Fellowship Program and the appointment of Sayed Adel as the first NumPy Developer in Residence. This is amazing news, because this is the first time NumPy has been in the position to pay for a full year of maintainer time.

Why is this so important? Because nearly every scientist working in Python is depending on the power of NumPy. NumPy brings the computational power of languages like C and Fortran to Python—which is much easier to learn and use. 

And for the first time, NumPy is in a position to use its project funds to pay for a full time maintainer. This is a huge step forward for the NumPy community as Sayed can focus on a laundry list of projects that will further empower the scientific community.

Thanks to our Tidelift customers for helping to enable the NumPy team to start this new fellowship program. You're making open source work better for everyone. 

Check out the NumPy announcement. Congratulations, NumPy!

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