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Upstream is happening in less than three short weeks. Check out the agenda.

Upstream is happening in less than three short weeks! Join us June 7 for our first-ever, one-day, free virtual gathering to celebrate open source, ...
Josh Simmons
by Josh Simmons
on May 18, 2021

Josh Simmons

Josh Simmons

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Join us June 7-12 for Maintainer Week

By Josh Simmons on April 6, 2021
Open source, once radical, is now mainstream and it is everywhere–which is amazing. Even more amazing? The people, the open source maintainers, who ...

Better together: cultivating an open source ecosystem that works for everyone

By Josh Simmons on February 18, 2021
Hello, world! My name is Josh, and I’m pleased to introduce myself as one of the newest members of the Tidelift team.

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