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Upstream is happening in less than three short weeks. Check out the agenda.

Josh Simmons
by Josh Simmons
on May 18, 2021

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Upstream is happening in less than three short weeks! Join us June 7 for our first-ever, one-day, free virtual gathering to celebrate open source, the developers who use it, and the maintainers who create it.

I am delighted to announce the agenda today. We have a stellar line-up of brilliant open source community leaders, like Sarah Novotny from Microsoft and Kevin Fleming from Bloomberg, as well as the amazing maintainers who create the projects our world relies on, like Valeri Karpov of Mongoose and John Leider of Vuetify.

Here’s a peek at the agenda and speakers:

  • Maintainers like John Leider of Vuetify, Val Karpov of Mongoose, Jordan Harband of hundreds of npm projects, Forbes Lindesay of Pug, and Roel Spilker and Reiner Zwitserloot of Project Lombok will share their stories
  • Dr. Rishi Manchanda will teach us about the larger upstream thinking movement and how to tackle to root cause of the issues we face
  • Sarah Novotny of Microsoft will discuss open source as an innovation engine
  • Deb Bryant from Red Hat will explore what it means for businesses to "create authentic value" with open source
  • Brian Douglas of GitHub will talk about open source hospitality and how to attract new contributors
  • Erin McKean from Google will share how organizations can create and maintain documentation in open source projects
  • Kevin Fleming from Bloomberg will discuss how the organization is stepping up to help the Python Software Foundation, and how others might follow suit
  • Dmitry Vinnik of Facebook will detail the approach that the Facebook Open Source team takes to measure the current health of their open source projects
  • Scott Owens from the United States Geological Survey-National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (USGS-NGTOC) will share how a government agency transformed by adopting an agile approach and embracing open source technology
  • Simon Phipps, well-known for his work at the Open Source Initiative, will be discussing the “rights ratchet” model we see in the recent spat of relicensing
  • Alex Williams from The New Stack will moderate a panel discussion about open source supply chain health, security, and management best practices
  • Jerry Wiltse from JFrog will share the interesting tale of how they acquired open source project Conan, and how their approach might’ve been different in today’s landscape

We just released the full agenda and you can see it here. Over the course of the day we’ll take you on an expedition to discover the power of fully embracing open source, and survey how we arrived at the present. We’ll explore best practices, confront systemic issues, and illuminate a path to a future in which all participants of the open source ecosystem can thrive.

Don’t miss out on this amazing day! Register for free here.

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