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59% of maintainers have quit or considered quitting. Scary, huh? 👻


A managed approach to securing your open source dependencies

Most applications are built on a foundation of more than 70 percent open source components. Who is on the hook for ensuring those components are ...
Jeremy Katz
by Jeremy Katz
on September 26, 2019

Jeremy Katz

Jeremy Katz

Recent Posts

A peek inside the Tidelift technology stack

By Jeremy Katz on August 22, 2019
Like most engineers, I’m always curious about the technology stack the companies I admire are built upon. We’ve had several people ask about what we ...

Let’s extend continuous integration to our open source dependencies

By Jeremy Katz on July 18, 2019
Over the past 5-10 years, the software development world has fully embraced the idea of continuous integration.

The Tidelift guide to choosing open source packages well

By Jeremy Katz on April 4, 2019
Last fall, I took some time to write a blog post on a subject that I’ve learned a lot about over the years: how to choose open source packages well. ...

Our latest Libraries data release has arrived

By Jeremy Katz on January 24, 2019
As part of our ongoing work on Libraries.io, we are glad to announce the availability of an updated data set. The new data set captures the state of ...

Don’t believe the download numbers when evaluating open source projects

By Jeremy Katz on October 11, 2018
One of the things that most of us look at when trying to decide if we want to use a new open source library in our software is how “popular” it is. ...

How to choose open source packages well

By Jeremy Katz on September 27, 2018
We often don’t stop to think about it, but selecting the right open source package is not always a straightforward process. And for developers who ...

Death of a standup

By Jeremy Katz on May 1, 2018
As with most startups (and companies in general), it’s important for the team at Tidelift to stay in pretty close communication so that everyone ...

Making the most of bringing your distributed team together

By Jeremy Katz on March 12, 2018
From the beginning, we have been a distributed team at Tidelift. Of the founding team, only Donald and I are in Boston while Luis is in San Francisco ...

A brief history of package management

By Jeremy Katz on December 19, 2017
Application developers today are used to relying on and pulling in a number of open source libraries to help them focus on the functionality that’s ...

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