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The dawning age of regulated open: notes from the field

Last week I spoke at two universities, where faculty and students are trying to untangle the future of AI. I came away from the experience more ...
Luis Villa
by Luis Villa
on February 14, 2024

Luis Villa

Luis Villa

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OS3I’s 2023 End of Year Report

By Luis Villa on February 13, 2024
Our friends at the Open-Source Software Security Initiative (OS3I), a federal interagency and stakeholder working group, recently released their ...

Eight triiiiiilllion dollars: the “new” valuation of open source

By Luis Villa on February 1, 2024
“How much is open source worth?” is an age-old question. Thanks to new work from professors at Harvard and University of Toronto, it is also a ...

Vizio lawsuit part 2: adding more complexity to the GPL

By Luis Villa on January 24, 2024
My post last week on the litigation between Vizio and the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) over the General Public License (GPL) seems to have ...

Will the new judicial ruling in the Vizio lawsuit strengthen the GPL?

By Luis Villa on January 16, 2024
Last week an important judicial ruling came down on a very intriguing case about open source license compliance. In this post, I'll talk about what ...

The largest problems require government collaboration: Tidelift’s response to the ONCD RFI

By Luis Villa on November 9, 2023
At Tidelift, we have believed since day one that understanding, and supporting, the motivation of open source maintainers is critical to making open ...

New RFI shows the U.S. gov effort to invest in open source is picking up steam 🚂

By Luis Villa on August 10, 2023
Today, the U.S. Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD) released a request for information (RFI) entitled Open-Source Software Security: Areas ...

Open source and the unintended consequences of the EU’s Cyber Resiliency Act

By Luis Villa on February 22, 2023
On September 15, 2022 the EU unveiled a draft of the Cyber Resiliency Act (CRA), an eighty-seven page document detailing proposed new rules meant to ...

Resilient open commons

By Luis Villa on November 3, 2022
Open source software is often loosely referred to as a “commons,” but we rarely think deeply about what that means. Elinor Ostrom, ...

Evaluating the RAIL license family

By Luis Villa on November 1, 2022
Evaluating the RAIL license family Machine learning (ML) is the hot topic in tech circles right now, and tech lawyers are no exception. Virtually ...

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