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In a shocker, paid maintainers do more security and maintenance work than unpaid maintainers

In late 2022, Tidelift fielded its second survey of open source maintainers. Hundreds of maintainers responded with thoughts about getting paid for ...
Chris Grams
by Chris Grams
on May 16, 2023

Why scanning isn't enough

By Cameron Miller on March 31, 2020
Developers today can choose from millions of free open source components, enabling them to build applications faster than ever before. But with great ...

4,000 open source packages now eligible for income via Tidelift

By Keenan Szulik on May 1, 2019
Yesterday, we announced a major milestone: there are now over 4,000 open source packages eligible for income via Tidelift.

Developers spend 30% of their time on code maintenance: our latest survey results, part 3

By Chris Grams on March 14, 2019
The professional open source survey results we published last year highlighted the impressive reach of open source usage among professional ...

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