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Tidelift at DevOps Enterprise Summit

Tidelift is sponsoring the DevOps Enterprise Summit in Las Vegas October 28-30, 2019. We’re looking forward to discussing how a managed open source ...
Jerika Phelps
by Jerika Phelps
on October 28, 2019

Jerika Phelps

Jerika Phelps

Recent Posts

Choosing open source packages well 

By Jerika Phelps on October 3, 2019
In this webinar, Tidelift co-founder Jeremy Katz  deep dives into the steps you can take to choose the right open source packages for your ...

Tidelift at Ancient City Ruby 2019

By Jerika Phelps on October 2, 2019
We’ll be sponsoring Ancient City Ruby in Jacksonville Beach, Florida this week. We had a blast hanging out with the folks at RailsConf in Minneapolis ...

Tidelift at DjangoCon

By Jerika Phelps on September 23, 2019
We’ll be sponsoring DjangoCon in San Diego this week. This is the first Django event we’ve sponsored, and we’re so excited to be there. The Tidelift ...

Tidelift at GitLab Commit

By Jerika Phelps on September 16, 2019
We’re sponsoring GitLab Commit in Brooklyn on Tuesday, Sept. 17. This is the inaugural GitLab Commit and we’re excited to be a part of it. We’re ...

Tidelift at React Live

By Jerika Phelps on September 12, 2019
Tidelift is excited to be sponsoring React Live in Amsterdam Friday, Sept. 13. This is the first React event we’ve sponsored, and we’re so excited to ...

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