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Verifying upstream maintainers could help prevent supply-chain compromises

In modern application development, open source is everywhere. In fact, 92% of professional application teams report that they leverage open source ...
John Marcus III
by John Marcus III
on March 10, 2020

Pencil.js is now part of the Tidelift Subscription

By Brenna Heaps on March 5, 2020
Pencil.js is an interactive 2D drawing library with a flexible, modular architecture that aims to abstract drawing with code and a clear OOP syntax. ...

Tidelift at VueConf US

By Jerika Phelps on March 3, 2020
Tidelift is heading to Austin! We’ll be sponsoring VueConf US March 2-4. This is our third year sponsoring VueConf US; we’re huge fans of the Vue ...

Flarum is now part of the Tidelift Subscription

By Brenna Heaps on February 27, 2020
Flarum is simple yet powerful forum software for building great communities. Designed to be fast and easy to use, Flarum is responsive, flexible, and ...

Evaluating an ethical license for corporate use

By Luis Villa on February 25, 2020
In my 2019 open source licenses year in review, I suggested that 2020 would see more adoption of licenses with a strong ethical focus. Just on ...

Tidelift at O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference

By Jerika Phelps on February 24, 2020
Tidelift is heading to New York City! We’ll be sponsoring the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference on February 23-26. We’re looking forward to ...

Hey, software engineers! The Tidelift Subscription has command line integration now.

By Tyrel Souza on February 20, 2020
I’ve been a software engineer for many years, and the last thing I want to do is to open up another website just to manually upload a file somewhere ...

What benefits do you get with Tidelift that you don’t get without Tidelift?

By Chris Grams on February 13, 2020
One of the amazing things about open source software is that it is basically friction-free to use. For example, if you are building an application ...

New video! The Tidelift approach to managed open source

By Chris Grams on February 4, 2020
What is your organization’s current strategy for managing open source components? 

The Tidelift Subscription application and free trial are now available via the GitHub Marketplace

By Matt Rollender on January 30, 2020
The GitHub Marketplace is a great way for GitHub users to discover and purchase tools that extend and enhance their workflows. It is an easy place to ...

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