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59% of maintainers have quit or considered quitting. Scary, huh? 👻


Tidelift at Interface Sacramento Reno

Tidelift is attending Interface Sacramento Reno for the first time this week. Interface will take place virtually on Sept. 16 and covers all things ...
Amy Hays
by Amy Hays
on September 14, 2021

3 steps for managing a beginner-friendly open source community

By Isabel Costa on September 9, 2021
On June 7, 2021 Tidelift hosted a new event called Upstream, a one-day celebration of open source, the developers who use it, and the maintainers who ...

Tidelift at Straight Talk for Government

By Amy Hays on September 7, 2021
We’re excited to be sponsoring the DevOps Institute’s Straight Talk for Government conference this Thursday. This one day virtual summit brings ...

Recap: Thinking upstream about cybersecurity executive order 14028

By Amy Hays on September 2, 2021
Last week, Tidelift CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer conducted a live briefing about White House cybersecurity executive order 14028. Here’s a quick ...

Tidelift co-founder Luis Villa shares lawyer thoughts about GitHub Copilot with JS Party podcast

By Amy Hays on August 31, 2021
A few weeks ago, Tidelift co-founder and resident lawyer Luis Villa joined Nick Nisi and Chris Hiller at JS Party to share lawyerly (and programmery) ...

Pay to play? Don't expect maintainers to solve your supply chain issues for free

By Luis Villa on August 24, 2021
For a long time, there were two basic tests for releasing open source: “does it do what I need it to do?” and “does it compile?” Sure, it was nice if ...

August Pupdate: Major improvements to catalog tasks 🎉

By Jeff Stern on August 19, 2021
Welcome to the August 2021 edition of the Tidelift product update, or Pupdate for short! The Pupdate is our monthly rundown of new features and ...

Erin McKean of Google shares how to create and maintain documentation in open source

By Amy Hays on August 17, 2021
Ever heard of “docs advocacy”? If not, we have good news: docs advocacy expert Erin McKean, who works in developer relations at Google, shared all ...

Finding #9: Maintainers feelings in their own words

By Chris Grams on August 12, 2021
In early 2021, Tidelift fielded its first-ever comprehensive survey of open source maintainers. Nearly 400 maintainers responded with thoughts about ...

Upstream webinar: Kevin Fleming from Bloomberg explains how your org can best help the open source projects you use

By Amy Hays on August 10, 2021
What should corporate, enterprise users of open source do to help the upstream maintainers and communities that make the software they use thrive? ...

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