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Tidelift at the Open Source Finance Forum 2022

We’re headed to New York this week to sponsor the Open Source Finance Forum, an awesome event taking place Thursday, Dec. 8, where technologists in ...
Kristina Kaldenbach
by Kristina Kaldenbach
on December 7, 2022

Tidelift customers help empower NumPy and the Python scientific community

By Josh Simmons on December 6, 2022
Last week, our maintainer partners at NumPy announced the launch of the NumPy Fellowship Program and the appointment of Sayed Adel as the first NumPy ...

Last call: take the 2023 open source maintainer survey by Friday, Dec 9

By Lyn Muldrow on December 5, 2022
There’s only a few days left before we close the 2023 Tidelift open source maintainer survey on December 9th. If you are an open source maintainer ...

Webinar: How the maintainers of urllib3 keep the project secure and healthy

By Caitlin Bixby on December 1, 2022
If you’re building with Python, you’re probably using urllib3. 

Case study: How Distributive uses Tidelift to maximize the security and resilience of its open source application components

By Caitlin Bixby on November 30, 2022
Meet Distributive, founded by CEO Dan Desjardins and CTO Wes Garland and home of the Distributive Compute Protocol (DCP), a distributed computing ...

Take the 2023 open source maintainer survey!

By Lyn Muldrow on November 29, 2022
Do you actively maintain one or more open source projects? If so, we'd love to learn from you.   

Tidelift at AWS re:Invent 22

By Kristina Kaldenbach on November 28, 2022
We are excited to be heading back to Vegas for AWS re:Invent this week! For the past 10 years, the global cloud community has come together at ...

Recap: Why this CISO thinks SBOMs aren’t the silver bullet

By Caitlin Bixby on November 22, 2022
On November 15th, Tidelift CEO and co-founder, Donald Fischer, hosted Andy Ellis, former Chief Information Security Officer at Akamai turned startup ...

Pay the maintainers: responsible maintainership (and incentive to continue)

By Bill Nottingham on November 17, 2022
At Tidelift, we are interested in helping our maintainers thrive. Sometimes that means paying them to maintain their work. Sometimes it means helping ...

The npm package of the Moment: How Tidelift migrated from a deprecated Javascript package

By Sofia Javed on November 15, 2022
Moment.js is a popular date-handling library that, at one point, was being downloaded nearly 15 million times a week. Despite its popularity, ...