Tidelift teams up with Ruby Together to support infrastructure for every Ruby developer

Today Tidelift and Ruby Together jointly announced an industry-first collaboration to support critical Ruby infrastructure. Through the Tidelift ...
Donald Fischer
by Donald Fischer
on July 17, 2019

Tidelift at OSCON

By Brenna Heaps on July 11, 2019
Next week, we’ll be hanging out in Portland at OSCON. If you’re attending, stop by booth #616—or just keep your eyes peeled for our bright orange ...

psutil is now part of the Tidelift Subscription

By Brenna Heaps on July 9, 2019
psutil is a cross-platform library for retrieving information on running processes and system utilization (CPU, memory, disks, network, sensors) in ...

Introducing Tidelift’s new maintainer spotlight podcast with Changelog

By Chris Grams on July 2, 2019
We’re big fans of the work that Adam and Jerod are doing over at Changelog. They’ve built an awesome resource for developers, including their ...

What is managed open source?

By Donald Fischer on June 27, 2019
Take yourself back in time for a minute. It is 2007, and you’ve just finished building your new J2EE app. You get a message on your Blackberry from ...

Want a Pay the Maintainers t-shirt? Here’s how to get one for free.

By Chris Grams on June 24, 2019
(Note: as of June 27th, all of the free t-shirts have been claimed. But you can still take the survey, we'd love to get your feedback, and thanks for ...

May conference recap: GitHub Satellite, Maintainerati, and OpenJS Collaborator Summit

By Blaine Bublitz on June 20, 2019
In April and May, I was visiting Berlin—a city after my own heart—so it was perfect that I joined Tidelift just as a variety of conferences centered ...

league/commonmark is now part of the Tidelift Subscription

By Brenna Heaps on June 18, 2019
The popular PHP project league/commonmark is a PHP Markdown parser that supports the full CommonMark spec. It includes community extensions and ...

Lifter product update: Making it easier to complete tasks

By Jeff Stern on June 13, 2019
We've been working hard to make it easier for the maintainers who work with Tidelift (we call them lifters) to complete assigned tasks. We're excited ...

pytest is now part of the Tidelift Subscription

By Brenna Heaps on June 11, 2019
The pytest framework is a full-featured Python testing tool that helps you write better programs. The framework makes it easy to write small tests, ...

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