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How to create an effective open source software supply chain management plan

Open source helps developers build applications more quickly because they are able to draw from billions of lines of freely available code. However, ...
Caitlin Bixby
by Caitlin Bixby
on December 13, 2022

Case study: How Distributive uses Tidelift to maximize the security and resilience of its open source application components

By Caitlin Bixby on November 30, 2022
Meet Distributive, founded by CEO Dan Desjardins and CTO Wes Garland and home of the Distributive Compute Protocol (DCP), a distributed computing ...

New Coveros secure software supply chain management service powered by the Tidelift Subscription

By Matt Rollender on November 7, 2022
It is great to be back in Orlando, FL this week at the Agile + DevOps East Conference! We’re also pleased to share that we are now partnering with ...

How to prepare your organization for the next Log4Shell

By Kanish Sharma on February 1, 2022
The last few months have seen a flurry of activity around improving cyber security and the overall health and safety of the open source software ...

You’re invited: IDC research director Jim Mercer shares new data to help streamline your organization’s OSS application development process

By Amy Hays on October 11, 2021
Today, with the wide availability of millions of open source application development components, many enterprises are producing more software than ...

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