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Tidelift at AWS re:Invent 2023

We are excited to be heading back to Vegas for AWS re:Invent! For the past 10 years, the global cloud community has come together at re:Invent to ...
Kristina Kaldenbach
by Kristina Kaldenbach
on November 17, 2023

The largest problems require government collaboration: Tidelift’s response to the ONCD RFI

By Luis Villa on November 9, 2023
At Tidelift, we have believed since day one that understanding, and supporting, the motivation of open source maintainers is critical to making open ...

Tidelift co-founder Luis Villa talks Wikipedia, government regulations, and AI with FLOSS Weekly

By Caitlin Bixby on November 8, 2023
Open source software security has gained the attention of governments in the U.S. and E.U., especially in the wake of the Log4Shell vulnerability. ...

Webinar recap: how to use Tidelift alongside your SCA tool

By Kristina Kaldenbach on November 7, 2023
One question we sometimes get when talking to customers: how does Tidelift fit in with software composition analysis (SCA) tools, like Black Duck, ...

Tidelift at Open Source in Finance Forum 2023

By Kristina Kaldenbach on October 31, 2023
We are excited to be sponsoring the Open Source in Finance Forum again this year in New York on November 1! The Open Source in Finance Forum brings ...

How Tidelift open source intelligence data makes your supply chain healthier and more secure

By Bill Nottingham on October 26, 2023
Vulnerability scanning, also referred to as software composition analysis (SCA), has been around for two decades. For most, being alerted about known ...

Product demo: open source management and policy compliance

By Kanish Sharma on October 26, 2023
Is your organization struggling to track the usage of open source packages across development teams? When downloading open source packages, does your ...

Not all open source work is equal

By Hynek Schlawack on October 24, 2023
We regularly feature posts from our maintainer partners. In this case, we asked Python maintainer Hynek Schlaweck to share his thoughts on how being ...

Introducing new capabilities to proactively manage open source software supply chain risk

By Lauren Hanford on October 11, 2023
Open source changes at a breathtaking rate in modern software development. Development teams make many choices each day about what packages to start ...

New article from The New Stack highlights why we need to pay the maintainers

By Amy Hays on September 21, 2023
Pay the maintainers! That’s our rallying cry at Tidelift, so we were delighted to read a new article from The New Stack by Heather Joslyn succinctly ...

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