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Paying it forward: How paying maintainers improves the software supply chain for everyone

In an earlier post on the Tidelift blog, Donald Fischer described how software alone can’t solve the current challenges of the open source software ...
Bill Nottingham
by Bill Nottingham
on September 22, 2022

AWS + Tidelift panel: Best practices for inclusive development

By Kristina Kaldenbach on September 20, 2022
Inclusive is one of our core values at Tidelift. So we were delighted and inspired when our friends at AWS were interested in collaborating with us ...

Tidelift advisory: New White House OMB guidance impacts organizations building apps with open source

By Donald Fischer on September 15, 2022
Yesterday, the U.S. government’s Office of Management and Budget (part of the Executive Office of the President) released memorandum M-22-18 on ...

$33.5M to improve open source software supply chain resilience with help from AEI HorizonX and Cisco Investments

By Donald Fischer on September 13, 2022
We’re excited to announce today that Tidelift has extended our Series C financing to $33.5 million with additional investments from AEI HorizonX, AE ...

Tidelift at CISO Forum 2022

By Kristina Kaldenbach on September 12, 2022
Tidelift is excited to be sponsoring our first SecurityWeek event, CISO Forum! This is a virtual event taking place Sept. 13-14. CISO Forum is ...

Let's talk about the hidden challenges of securing the open source software supply chain

By Amy Hays on September 8, 2022
Fact: most application developers love open source because it makes them more productive. Also a fact: Open source brings with it some security and ...

Tidelift at Devopsdays Charlotte 2022

By Kristina Kaldenbach on September 7, 2022
We are excited to be heading to Charlotte for our first ever Devopsdays event! Devopsdays Charlotte will be from September 8-9—and Devopsdays is a ...

New NSA, CISA, ODNI best practices for securing the open source software supply chain

By Donald Fischer on September 6, 2022
Last week, in a response to the ever-growing list of software supply chain attacks (SolarWinds and Log4Shell specifically), the U.S. National ...

Preparing for the wave of open source funding

By Seth Larson on September 1, 2022
Seth Larson is the lead maintainer of popular Python project urllib3. Seth has been a Tidelift maintainer partner since 2019. He originally wrote ...

Why software composition analysis tools aren't enough

By Kristina Kaldenbach on August 30, 2022
Open source is the modern application development platform because of all of the amazing benefits it provides that speed up development. Yet reliance ...