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How to start earning money for your open source project with Tidelift

Our primary goal at Tidelift is to make open source work better for users and creators alike. How do we plan on doing that? One key way is ensuring ...
Keenan Szulik
by Keenan Szulik
on February 5, 2019

Slim is now part of the Tidelift Subscription

By Brenna Heaps on January 10, 2019
Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. Rob Allen will be providing assurances for ...

Valeri Karpov, Mongoose, and the importance of good docs

By Amy Hays on January 8, 2019
Valeri Karpov, lead maintainer of Mongoose, got into software development by way of Pokémon.

Gulp JS maintainer Blaine Bublitz and a better solution for supporting open source

By Amy Hays on December 18, 2018
Blaine Bublitz thinks about open source sustainability a lot. In the past two years, he’s tried a few different avenues to get funding for the ...

What motivates open source maintainers?

By Luis Villa on December 13, 2018
When you download a new open source package, how much time do you spend much time thinking about the person who actually wrote the code?

Standard JS is now part of the Tidelift Subscription

By Brenna Heaps on December 11, 2018
We’re excited to share that the Tidelift Subscription now includes support for Standard JS!

From Jade to Pug: How Forbes Lindesay adopted a project from a NodeJS legend

By Amy Hays on December 4, 2018
Forbes Lindesay adopted his pet project, Pug, from an open source legend–TJ Holowaychuk. TJ is a prolific NodeJS developer, who created an array of ...

Adopting projects out of the limelight: Why David Rodriguez works on byebug and Active Admin

By Amy Hays on November 20, 2018
When David Rodriguez first started working with the Ruby programming language, he noticed the Ruby debugger didn’t work properly.

Welcome to Tidelift, Jeff Forcier!

By Brenna Heaps on November 1, 2018
We’re excited to share that maintainer Jeff Forcier will now be providing assurances for a number of projects as part of the Tidelift Subscription. ...

Nuxt is the 4th fastest growing project on GitHub

By Keenan Szulik on October 25, 2018
This month, GitHub released it its yearly report, the State of the Octoverse, detailing many unique insights about the state of the open source ...

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