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Finding #7: formal processes around open source management are more common, but it is still basically a free for all

Tidelift's annual managed open source survey explores how technologists use open source to build applications at work. Over 600 people shared how ...
Chris Grams
by Chris Grams
on November 17, 2020

Tidelift at the Open Source Strategy Forum

By Amy Hays on November 12, 2020
Tidelift is sponsoring the Open Source Strategy Forum, taking place virtually from Nov. 12-13. We attended last year’s forum and had a great time ...

About the 2020 managed open source survey

By Chris Grams on October 7, 2020
This marks the third year Tidelift has conducted a survey to answer our most pressing questions for technologists using open source to develop ...

Are you struggling to manage your open source artifacts? Tidelift and JFrog can help.

By Donald Fischer on September 24, 2020
Over the past few years, we’ve talked to thousands of organizations using open source as part of their application development process. In fact, our ...

Webinar on-demand: The future of open source software support

By Amy Hays on September 22, 2020
On Sept. 9, Tidelift CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer co-hosted a webinar with Al Gillen from IDC about the future of open source software support. ...

What are your organization’s open source standards?

By Jeff Stern on September 8, 2020
What standards does your organization have for open source usage? Are there specific policies surrounding security, licensing, or even maintenance ...

World premiere: our new Cooking with Tidelift children’s book

By Cameron Miller on September 1, 2020
Today is the day we are officially launching the first-ever Tidelift book. But rather than starting with a 300+ page O’Reilly-esque tome on the ...

How Google manages open source

By Jeremy Katz on July 23, 2020
Many people know that Google uses a single repository, the monorepo, to store all internal source code. The Google monorepo has been blogged about, ...

New! Get a free demo of the Tidelift Subscription and our new catalogs feature

By Jeff Stern on July 16, 2020
Last week we announced an exciting new feature of the Tidelift Subscription called catalogs. This makes it even easier for organizations to get ...

If your open source dependencies are a mess, we’ve got you. Introducing catalogs.

By Havoc Pennington on July 9, 2020
Today we’ve added a new feature we are calling catalogs to the Tidelift Subscription. Catalogs bring managed open source to life by providing a ...

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