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Join us June 7-12 for Maintainer Week

Open source, once radical, is now mainstream and it is everywhere–which is amazing. Even more amazing? The people, the open source maintainers, who ...
Josh Simmons
by Josh Simmons
on April 6, 2021

Introducing Upstream: A free one-day celebration of open source, the developers who use it, and the maintainers who create it

By Donald Fischer on April 6, 2021
Open source is an amazing testament to human ingenuity.

How urllib3 maintainer Seth Larson streamlined the release process

By Amy Hays on August 18, 2020
Seth Larson has a history of adopting unmaintained open source libraries. It’s not that he seeks out orphaned packages—it’s usually because an ...

2020 Survey: Help us understand the impact of the recession on app development with open source (and other timely topics)

By Chris Grams on May 28, 2020
TL;DR: The 2020 version of our open source application development survey is open. If you develop applications using open source, we’d love your ...

GitLab Commit attendees: Get your free ‘pay the maintainers’ t-shirt

By Jerika Phelps on January 13, 2020
Tidelift is sponsoring GitLab Commit in San Francisco on Tuesday, January 14. This is the first GitLab Commit in the Bay Area and we’re excited to be ...

Intro to managed open source p. 5: create the future together

By Jeff Stern on December 18, 2019
In this six-part series, I’m highlighting each of the key features of the Tidelift Subscription. Today we will look at a fifth key benefit of the ...

Meet Joda maintainer, Stephen Colebourne

By Amy Hays on November 5, 2019
One day back in 2000, Joda maintainer Stephen Colebourne decided to contribute to the Apache Commons Project. His goal? He wanted to help improve the ...

Thousands of packages are eligible for income on Tidelift. Here’s how to search the growing list.

By Keenan Szulik on September 5, 2019
When we hosted our first ever lifter event earlier this year, we asked the open source maintainers in attendance to imagine the future of open ...

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